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Each one of us has a unique gift to bring to the world.

For most of us that gift is never realized.

It remains an untapped potential.

Oh, for sure, we’ve thought about it, daydreamed about it, and fantasized about what it would be like to actually live it. Maybe we even took the risk to tell a few close friends about it, yet very few of us actually bring that unique gift to the world.

Why is that?

Because we have the desire but we don’t believe it’s possible.

What if it was possible?

To live the life you dream of.

What if that was your life?

You see just like you, I have been thinking about it, dreaming about it, and yes, even talking about it. And it wasn’t quit perfect – so I waited and waited. Screw perfection what is that anyway – besides another reasons not to get started.

So today January, 1, 2013 I begin this blog as a declaration.

This blog provides thoughtful insights, useful  information and inspiring dialogue on living your potential.

See my newest post – Men Are Pigs and Other Fables.

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