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men are Pigs

Men are pigs.

That was Sally’s response to my third of five rapid-fire questions I asked her during an exercise that I use in our seminar. The exercise explores how our beliefs and our results are tied together.

Her response brought chuckles of laughter throughout the room. But beneath the laughter was Sally’s truth. She had had way too many bad experiences with men in her life and as far as she was concerned – they were pigs.

And that is where Sally’s problem lied.

See, one of the goals Sally set for herself and the major reason she was taking the seminar was to have a successful relationship with a man and to discover the things that were keeping her from having that.

If Sally truly wants a caring, loving and supportive relationship with a man than her current answer to the question: Men are…, must transform from one that sees men in a negative light to one that supports her true desires.

What we say to ourselves creates the reality that we live in. When Sally tells herself that men are pigs that is how she will see the men that show up in her life. She will see them through that lens. Our thoughts are manifested into the world we live in. Exercises like the one that Sally participated in are designed to increase aware of our often unconscious inner statements we make to ourselves and that helps to form our current beliefs. With this new awareness we can choose to make a new inner statement that is more aligned with our true desires

You can use this to exercise to explore your own beliefs.

How it works:

Have a piece of paper and a pen ready to write

  • You will see 5 sentence
  • Each of the five sentences is an incomplete sentence
  • Write down the first thought that comes to mind that makes the sentences complete

The exercise must be done in rapid fire or you’ll be giving yourself time to think. With time to think the mind will add its two-cents and skew the results.

Don’t force something to come but rather repeat the question over, and over again if necessary, till something comes to mind. Something will come to mind.


Here are the incomplete sentences:

  1. I am….
  2. Men are….
  3. Women are….
  4. Life is….
  5. Therefore…..

You can expand your list.

  • Money is….
  • My wife is….
  • My husband is….
  • My children are….
  • My job is….

Make up your own list about anything in your life.

I’d love to hear you thoughts. Thanks for reading.





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