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In a recent coaching session a client shared with me her passion, it was something that she’d love to be doing. Yet she wasn’t taking the steps to pursue that passion. She said some day she would when she had the time.

I challenged her. What if wasn’t because of time what if it was because of something else?

That question took us to many interesting places but through it all she came to realize that it wasn’t a time issue at all. The real reason she hadn’t begun pursuing her passion was because she was afraid. She told me she had a lot to be afraid of.

Could she earn a living at it?

What would people say if she was doing that?

What if she wasn’t any good at it?

The truth is she has a passion and she has fears about going for that passion, both were real for her.  But at this point – up till now – she has been choosing to make her fears more important than her passion.  Sometimes that is hard to hear, that we are choosing the thing that we say we don’t want. But it is a choice. A choice between going for our passion or to have fear about going for our passion, it is simply a choice.  You can make your passion more important or you can make your fear of going for your passion more important.

“Yes that’s it” she said, I’ve been making my fear more important.

Up till now she was selling herself on the idea that, time was the reason she wasn’t able to go for her passion, until that changed until she had more time, her passion wasn’t going to happen.

She obtained some powerful insight into what was really going on. With that insight she was able to make the shift and begin taking the steps needed to put her passion ahead of her fears. She was ready to ignite for passion.

I recently heard back from her, she told me she was pursing her passion and went on to share with me all the action steps she was taking to make it happen.

You too can get started on your passion you just have to choose.

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