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“I have worked with Bill a number of times and found him to be an energetic, compassionate leader. He is very concerned about generating results and my sales team had nothing but great things to say about the program he customized for us. I recommend Bill to anyone seeking to get the most out of their team and out of themselves!”
Tom Calato
Franchise Owner at Firehouse Subs


“Bill brings so many additional attributes to the table you don’t expect, but welcome. Bill is intuitive. He knows when to listen and when to express his own thoughts. His charismatic personality helps get to the root of the problem quickly and you welcome his thoughts and suggestions for improvement. You will never be disappointed by hiring him for your group or yourself and will walk away asking yourself: why did I wait so long to make this change in my life?”
Karen Jacobs
Major Account Manager II at CenturyLink


“I brought Bill in to law firm retreats on several occasions. Each time Bill produced superlative results with participants in helping them dramatically improve their ability to work in a team, and in developing their leadership and management abilities.”
Dustin Cole
President & Master Practice Advisor, Attorneys Master Class


“I’ve attended numerous self-growth workshops over the last several years, and by far the best male instructor that I have encountered during those workshops was Bill Huey. He is enthusiastic, personable, as well as a very effective communicator. He works well with the other instructors, students, and assistants. He genuinely seems to care a lot about the welfare of his clients.”
Chuck Koehler
Research Scientist, UCF – College of Optics and Photonics


“Bill is a unique and powerful presenter of information and concepts. He has mastered the art of reading people. And is able to use that information to support his message and help participants learn in a meaningful, experiential, and non-threatening manner. If you are considering Bill as a service provider, I recommend you jump at the chance!”
Peter Diebel
Owner/President, Zipline Consulting


“Bill Huey is an outstanding communicator, facilitator, and therapist. He has an incredibly genuine, sincere, and easy-to-be-with demeanor and personality that you don’t find very often. He was my facilitator at multiple P3 sessions, and was one of the individuals who I specifically credit for making it such a powerful, positive, and life-changing experience for me. I would highly recommend Bill Huey to any individual or organization.”
Andy Brown
President and Chief Trainer, Power Training Seminars


“Bill is a dedicated professional who demonstrated exceptional career development services to the veterans’ population in western Colorado. He was always someone I could turn to if I had questions or needed assistance.”
John Koontz
Vice President Government Relations Colorow Consulting Inc.


“Bill is dedicated to his clients. He is always willing to share his knowledge.”
Abbie Vanderwist
Community Energy Coordinator, FORE Alliance


“Fantastic personality for the profession. I took numerous classes that Bill led. He also did a great job facilitating and getting involvement from attendees.”
Todd Ragland
Server Manager, Shands Healthcare


“Hire Bill, not only is he a nice guy (and funny), but is very professional in all that he does. He’s able to pierce through the fog of corporate b.s. and arrive at solutions that will help make your team work more like a team and less like a group of whiny kindergarteners. Bill came to Shands at just the right time in the transition from being known as the hospital of last resort to being the premiere academic medical center of the Southeast. Personally and professionally, Bill gives his all. You can benefit from his knowledge and experience.”
Michael Lenninger
Blood Donor Recruiter (DRD Rep) at American Red Cross


“I attended a weekend-long communications seminar run by Bill. This was over 15 years ago, and just recently I was telling someone about it. That’s the impact it had on me. As a young professional, it was a great opportunity to focus on skills I didn’t know I needed.”
John Laibson
Director of the Online Business Program, University of Florida Heavener School of Business


“I had the opportunity to take several training classes led by Bill when he was at Shands. I always found him professional and knowledgeable of his subject matter. His classes and presentations are engaging. He fulfills commitments to provide follows up information as requested.”
Kurt Vahle
Security Manager, Shands Healthcare


“Bill, help entire Facilities Division thru a series of partnering session geared towards developing higher performance results were outstanding”
Brad Pollitt
VP Facilities, Shands Healthcare


“As a teaching partner, Bill was knowledgeable, with great analytic skills. He was empowering to me as a new Instructor and we enjoyed working together. I was able to learn a great deal from Bill. As I was also a Center Owner for Global Relationship Centers, I was always excited about the possibility that Bill Huey would teach one of my courses. Individuals looked forward to his teaching here as well as at other Centers. I endorse Bill Huey without reservation.”
Vallis Miller
Instructor, Global Relationship Centers


“Bill Huey is one of the most competent caring men I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is an inspiration to all that have an opportunity to know him.”
Joanne Ritter
Owner, Personal Solutions in Counseling


“Bill is one of the most amazing instructors I’ve ever had the privilege to know and work with. He’s intuitive, insightful, gentle, caring, compassionate, and powerful — for starters. His unique background allows him to really understand both men and women equally, and relate with compassion to everyone who’s lucky enough to experience his wisdom. Regardless of how open or closed a student was, he was always able to help them open up because he exudes trustworthiness. He’s firm when necessary, and gentle when necessary. He always knows just what to do and say, and does it all with love, humor, and energy. I am grateful for all of the many weekends I was lucky enough to spend with him. Bill is amazing.”
Jenny Rock
Massage Therapist, Rolfer, Certified Coach


“Bill Huey speaks from experience. He lives, breathes, models and ensures the health and wholeness within and among people and organizations. Bill’s greatest passion is increasing engagement, cooperative teamwork and trust. I would highly recommend Bill Huey as his extensive track record and loving heart speak volumes about his dedication and mastery in enriching lives.”
Judy Ryan
Owner, Expanding Human Potential


“Bill is a talented and insightful trainer. He has unique ability to concentrate on an individual while understanding the dynamic of the entire group and serves them all in a professional, dynamic, and empathetic manner”
Mark Geisler
Patient Advocate, Lee Memorial Health System


“During Bill’s multiple appearances at our Personal Relationship Center in Los Angeles, CA he always demonstrated astute knowledge of psychological behavior principles, uncanny intuition in redirecting individual student’s mistaken beliefs, and a cutting edge ability to demonstrate and encourage students to implement new actions necessary for them to change mistaken beliefs into thriving, adaptive beliefs”.
Jim Beard
Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Changing Beliefs, Inc.


“I have known Bill for almost 20 years through Global Relationship Centers, and have attended his training sessions numerous times. Bill has shown himself to be both extremely effective in the presentation of the work and intuitive in working with individuals. Bill is extremely professional and, at the same time, very personable.”
Jerry Ewing Owner
Carousel of Stitches


“Bill is an excellent trainer, focused on results and the people he works with. He pushes to provide students with the opportunity to gain as much from the experience as possible using a lifetime of insights and knowledge. Bill is quick on his feet and can handle any situation that arises. I highly recommend him as a trainer and coach.”
Eva B. Armstrong
Managing Member, EathSteps, LLC


“Bill is an insightful, experienced facilitator of personal and professional development. Bill was a mentor and teacher to me during my professional development 20 years ago. Today as a colleague, I continue to have confidence in his leadership and skills.”
Michael Gorges
Senior Advisor, Michael Gorges Management LLC


“Bill Huey is a first class trainer and knows how to get his message across to people at all levels. He is personable, hard-working, and I found him to be very effective at what he did here.”
Michael Schwartz, PhD
Dean Emeritus, University of Florida, College of Pharmacy