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Instructor-led training programs can be custom designed for your organizational needs. Training can also use off-the-shelf or a hybrid training utilizing both in-house and off-the-shelf components. The training employs a powerful combination of skill building and experiential exercises that facilitate a high degree of learning that is relevant and immediately applicable. The sessions are highly interactive and engaging. The use of integrative learning methods leads to long lasting results.

Training Programs include subjects such as:
Adapting to Change, Behavioral Interviewing, Coaching for Results, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Diversity, Customer Service, Continuous Quality Improvement, Effective Supervision, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication, Knowledge Management, Leadership Development, Leading Teams, Managing Conflict, Management Development, MBTI Intro, MBTI for Teams, Negotiation Skills, Powerful Presentations, Sales Training, Six-Sigma, Team

Coaching begins with a free 30-minute consultation. During this time, we discuss the structure, logistics, and fees and you’ll have an opportunity to ask any questions you have about my coaching. We also take the time to look at why you are considering working with a coach, discuss your specific situation, gain understanding about what you are seeking to accomplish. Finally, we discuss if  I am a fit. as you coach.  If we decide there is a fit, we contract for 3 sessions and then we take it from there. Sessions are added as you the client sees fit. You call when you want to have a coaching session and then go back to living your life with new-found tools, information or insight.Coaching referrals are available upon request

Sometimes clients have needs not addressed by training, coaching or facilitating. For those clients a broad range of consulting services are available.

Although certain members of an organization may have the desired outcome from a facilitation session. I contact for my facilitation services, which are to make sure

  • The discussion stays on track
  • Participants listen and speak with respect
  • Manage and addressed emotions
  • The discussion moves to the desired conclusion

Executive retreats, strategic planning session and gatherings to discuss workplace issues often need a skilled facilitator to craft a framework, guide discussion and keep the group on track.