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Make Your Goals and Dreams Happen

In our workshops we take the time to have participants write down a goal and a dream.

We define a goal as a “what by when” with these attributes:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Time limited

We define a Dream as something you envision yourself doing with your life. That makes you jump out of bed in the morning with excitement and makes you feel whole when you are doing it.

Goals are the steps to reaching your dream.

Participants write their goal and dream on a piece of flip-chart paper that they later present to the whole class. When participants return home they hang the goal and dream flip-chart paper on their bedroom door. One of the first things they see each day is their goal and dream. Their personal workshop assistant calls the first week following the workshop to provide encouragement and support on their goal and dream. Two weeks after the workshop there is a follow-up gathering and the participants report on the success and /or failure of their goal and dream.

Doing this is a valuable step towards getting what you desire. Hoping, wishing, dreaming is all great but it is in taking action that we manifest those into reality.

And that is what we truly want to do, manifest our desires. Yet so often we don’t see them come to be. We fall short. Sometimes it just stays as a hope, wish or dream. Other times we do start and we take the first steps. We do it for a few weeks, then we stop. We have really good reasons, sometimes even great reasons that we use to explain why we didn’t do it.

Actually, we didn’t do it because we chose to do something else instead.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

We choose to do something besides what we said we were going to do.

It wasn’t because of our; mother, brother, sister, father, husband, wife, children, boss, co-workers, the system, society, or any of the other things we want to use to explain our results.

You chose it.

You chose it because you have a choice.

Don’t forget that.

You have a choice in every moment.

That’s the good news.

Now here’s the great news.

There are a ton of ways to support that choice.

In the example from our workshops, participants did 6 specific things that supported the realization of their goal.

  1. They wrote them down and wrote them big
  2. They announced them to others
  3. They posted them
  4. They reviewed them daily
  5. They received support and encouragement
  6. They reported on their results

Take these six action steps and see your goal and dreams become a reality.

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